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Silver Linings

It’s so amazing sharing my journey of life with others. The fascination of my recovery is absorbed with open eyes and sometimes open mouthed amazement.

However underneath this silver lining is a challenge with the taste buds; a challenge of the convenience and a challenge of social merging. My partner strives on through with her support for this new lifestyle especially by currently doing some of the diet with me. The protocol logistics are totally satisfying, understanding and suitable. I enjoy the training programme, the lifestyle requirements, the scientific reasons, the knowledge of the rebuild and the results are totally amazing of course. However the food aspect is what sometimes becomes a trial. Yes sure, there are lots of Paleo recipes with totally yummy foods and treats, however adding the low-FODMAP aspect in to the mix often takes the delights out again. I try to believe that the low-FODMAP aspect of my food intake is indeed temporary. For however long I need to endure this tougher level it is still somewhat frustrating for me. I have a sweet tooth and the Wahls Paleo diet as a standalone diet works well fulfilling me with these needs. I have so enjoyed the meals and treats baked for me by loving and generous friends and family.

My successful way to ease my IBS is to cook the permitted low-FODMAP berries. It’s this simple! I eat the low and medium fodmap foods unless I know I have a digestive reaction to anything. After decades of the condition I now have it under control…albeit via a limited diet with specific processes. However this health boost is truly fantastic to live with whilst knowing that my gut is indeed healing.

As autumn sets upon us I find myself focusing more on food when I get cold. Due to lots of weight loss I imagine this winter to be an interesting new element to circumnavigate. Last winter, as my MS was rapidly declining, I was unable to acknowledge the cold until I was extremely cold. So for safety reasons the heating was left on most of the time. The winter before that I seem to recall I just sat in the cold. So…the lessons have been learnt and this winter I feel fortunate enough to be able to at least exercise to keep warm. I’m definitely needing to purchase more clothes. I saw some discounted double layered walking trousers in a well known outdoor shop recently however thought I’d get too warm in them. Hmmm…on second thoughts yes please!


After a short amount of frustration with the limitations, I try to focus and recall the amazing distance that my health has come. I find it so mind baffling…in such a movie-style format. No matter how many chocolate treats and savoury cravings and delights I desire I always choose to refocus, regroup and metaphorically slap myself, in order to wade through the world of the majority…and find my world of quality; my world of minority meals; my world of life enhancement and my new world that welcomes me with open arms and a huge energitic smile.

I feel so so fortunate to have the opportunity to rebuild, to restart and to reconnect with my life. The journey worth enduring. The life worth exploring. Our health worthy of so much.

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Freedom in the Lightbulb

lightbulb freedom

There is so much joy in these words I am about to type. There is so much appreciation and discovery; such excitement and relief.

During the first half of February I found myself positive yet with frustration; realistic yet worn out. For I felt like a sitting duck…waiting waiting waiting. When will the time come for my MS to improve? I was spending half the day in bed and the other half getting through the hours as best I can. My frustration was over my dependence on others…those medics carrying out trials for Secondary Progressive MS and the realisation I may have years until a drug may ease my life.

And then words and articles caught my eye…my mind slightly baffled and my heart feeling lighter. I have been on many diets to alleviate my conditions however this article was written with science. Science that leapt out to me. Science that made sense. Science that my logical mind liked. I started to read about the Paleo diet. There is so much about it at the moment, since the book release of The Paleo Approach by Dr Sarah Ballantyne, and then the book release of The Wahls Protocol by Dr Terry Wahls. I came across her TEDx seminar a couple of years ago – the potential of our mitochondria. When you have so many questions over an illness you find yourself dipping in and out of answers and trying avenues and questioning others. However for me now, the time was here.

It was mid February. I began the Paleo diet in a relaxed manner so to help with the lifestyle changes I was to incorporate. I needed to be relaxed in order to overcome previous stresses with other dietary restrictions.

One afternoon, after three days of changing my eating habits and relaxing more, my mind awoke and I got things done with clarity. A lightbulb had switched on. It was so amazing. I cross-examined this and then carried on with my week to see how things develop or alter.

After one week, I tightened the dietary requirements to follow the basics of The Wahls Protocol. I continued to read The Paleo Approach. The following few weeks began to turn my life around. Honestly. It was a pure awakening to my body. My cognition clearing, energy increasing, happiness growing, moods mellowing, memory improving. The more that this occurred the more that it fueled me. And still does.

And now…as I am about to enter week six I feel so elated with my new lease of life. I’ve just spent a week of having mornings…awake…up and about. Wow – the days are full of hours – it’s so amazing. Sure, I still see some of that modern convenience food and think how lovely it will be to have some – however this new protocol is the best motivation there is. Awake. Life. This last week I have been able to do gentle leg exercises and still have the energy for daily tasks. This weekend I have been able to stand up. Today I was freed to another level – my legs got me upright…on their own.

I feel so new and reborn. I feel that I have chances and I am experiencing these. I have been able to accomplish things that were laying dormant.

I am back…I am awake…I am coming back into my own life. I have such enormous thanks to the aforementioned doctors and their learnings, with a special thanks to all the experiments Dr Terry Wahls carried out to make sure that her protocol will provide the cells with the nutrients that they need to heal. I’ve got the easy job.

See the title of my blog site – the website address? My deep internal belief is coming true. I use to believe and say  “my body got me into this – my body will get me out of it”. I feel as I am travelling. I am discovering just how amazing the human body is.

It’s time for a revolution – for doctors to prescribe nutrients – a grocery list for medicine; for autoimmune dis-eases to diminish; for millions of people to feel good again.

ducks taking off

What a lush new light this is. I am so overwhelmed by the outcome and the speed of which my body has welcomed nutrition, lifestyle alterations and trust. The confidence in my body, in my future…and in my present moment.

  • I believe in myself.
  • I believe in my health.
  • I believe in my recovery…holistically…as one.

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Who’s On Stage?

So, I’ve just been listening and reading a bit from Tanya Geisler. One part was…what person do you want to be? The other part was…start starring your role.

I want to feel comfy and happy with my health – to stop receiving diagnoses and degenerating. That will be sooo wonderful. To be able to put my health to one side a bit and to be able to have inner freedom to live comfortably. To let go of fear for my future and trust that I will cope with each progression. Hmmm it’s a big ask.


The second part is an interesting thought, especially if I place myself back within my acting days – an interesting angle for me to think about. I’m to put on my acting mind and realise that I’m the starring role and to bring my character alive. The task is to carry out a life of a person whom lives with and overcomes these health hurdles. Also to feel internal acceptance, to have fun and believe in life. Maybe the Stanislavski Method is worth a try…however is acting the way to live?

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Where am I at the mo?

Okay…so I realise that you will want a rough outline of what I’m doing at the moment, regarding my holistic approach to my MS.

Nutrition – I’m taking a number of food supplements and have been doing so for approx a year and a half. I say approx due to the tweaking and adding of new tablets. The first supplement which I started on was just over two years ago during a huge long relapse (before the second diagnosis). Anyways this is magnesium and I started with tablets…along with taking calcium so that it all works…however when I started taking lots of other food supplements (vitamins and minerals) I switched to liquid magnesium. This was to ensure quick release in to my body as it helps enormously with my neuro pain. My partner and I researched into this ourselves. And at this point I probably need to say…seek medical support and sensible advice regarding supplements and diets. My neurologist put me onto Vitamin D tablets and then an MS nurse put me on to Omega’s. That was encouraging for the orthodox medics I think. So I’ve recently tweaked my supplements again, namely the zinc levels whilst making sure that they include copper, again for absorption. By the way if you want more info of what I am taking and how much, feel free to request it by leaving a ‘reply’. For the rest of you…it’s suffice to say that I’m taking supplements which aid healing, energy, pain and nerves. So, moving on to what diet I eat…well having been on a number of diets for health reasons  (gluten free; yeast free; allergy testing leading to certain foods being temporarily avoided; dairy free; low fat – with only the latter two being my own experiments) I feel far more relaxed with eating what I feel comfortable with whenever and whatever this is. I eat some organic foods and homegrown; fruit, veg, meat and seafood; high percentage cocoa dark chocolate (my only caffeine); and shock horror…some takeaway meals for my vice in life! I have to balance fibre intake for IBS reasons so I am quite careful with this and find that oily food can irritate my mechanics. I mainly drink water, sometimes hot chocolate and sometimes smoothies…and occasionally a cordial.

I’ve found it to be really important for me to focus on relaxing…whether it be with diet, environment, health attitude, friends, lifestyle, exercise etc. I do find relaxing a challenge and as we all go through personal hurdles it can be especially challenging alongside MS. I find gardening one of my biggest relaxants, along with being in the fresh air, by the coast/near water, by trees or amongst hills, and being with people whom make me happy. I like being able to have sun…however my temperature gauge somewhat dictates how much sun I can tolerate. I think that relaxation is one of the key areas which I shall be focussing on. I find cats relaxing and fun too…I’ve always been around cats including when living overseas or on most of my holidays I’ve managed to ‘come across them’.

Posture and exercise – I definitely have room for improving my posture and hope to look at the Alexander Technique. I do exercises whilst I’m gardening…some are less helpful to my worn out joints and diluted lavender oil often gets used to ease the muscles. When I can I walk or cycle, which use to be good hobbies of mine. This is rare these days however I really value it when I can. My base level (the norm that I seem to be currently at) is walking with a stick or two…and in and out of wheelchairs. I say the plural as I have a motorised one due to a weak left side…however a replacement manual chair is currently being made to support my joints and posture etc

Incidentally…I recently read this article which seemed to be the final incentive for me to solely embrace a holistic and natural approach to managing my MS, at this moment in my life. The article may also interest you – it talks about the main theories of MS and some eye opening patterns and thoughts. Hence my recent tweak with zinc intake! Another article I read this week was a treatment study occurring in Edinburgh with a look into of the neck area and blood restrictions…this had been suggested to me prior, however whatever this reflects it did make me decide to focus on the Alexander Technique for my neck posture. I do have neck issues due to some worn out joints. Anyways here is this article.

Laughter and socialising…very important and again lots of room for improvement! Due to my sensory challenges this has been a huge hurdle which I am improving on. However from an overall holistic perspective I think that as a previously very sociable person I seem to spend far more time alone. Perhaps to conserve energy or perhaps another reason. I have had friends come and go which has caused sadness and I now choose with more care. The internet has revolutionised socialising and feeling in touch with the world. I do enjoy some TV as long as its what I enjoy. I find people ask me what I do each day…well there’s always jobs around the home for me and I am the sort of person that likes to keep busy and as active as possible. Due to my sensory processing treatment I have a good mix of physically stimulating tasks followed by mentally stimulating tasks. I believe this helps keep my brain active and my body supple.

I think that gives you an outline of where I’m at with my health and lifestyle…let’s see how this improves and what I discover.

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The basic aims

My aims are to improve my MS and to share my journey…and hopefully inspire and enhance your journey. You may have MS; you may know someone with it; you may be curious; you may just enjoy discovering my journey. So however you arrived here and for whatever reason…thank you for spending some of your time here.

My key focal point will be regaining health to whatever level possible.

My key processes…to date…will be relaxation techniques which I personally find helpful; nutrition; posture and exercise; attitude; laughter and fun; lifestyle choices; and a general wellbeing for the whole body.

My use of the word holistic…to treat our body, mind and soul as a whole. After all this is what we are – one