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Back On Track

Hi everyone…well I’ve partly been avoiding blogging fully for the last few months as I had a flare-up of MS. This is primarily due to overdoing activities without needed adjustment and rest. A lot of cognition was needed and thus depleted. My trip to Wales left me exhausted however I was engulfed in the new life with an assistance dog and all that this involves.

I’m pleased to report that after my symptoms increasing, I reconnected with yoga, meditation and begun some mindfulness exercises. Along with increases my intake of valuable Wahls Protocol foods I was then able to work better with my cognition, meanwhile my new assistance dog was working better with me. So all in all this led to good things and the ability to get my physical fitness heading towards a healthier path.

So yes, I am getting back on track. A valuable lesson has been learnt that although I can minimise the MS within me, it is still there backstage. My focuses now are to recover and rebuild from the previous few months of challenging work. I’m so delighted that I’ve turned my health back around…and immensely relieved. I shall soon be visiting my neurologist, after avoiding the medics for a couple years.

The recent mindfulness introduction and awareness had a really profound and insightful effect on my outlook of who I am as a person with a disability. I read a sentence that woke me up…real me vs ideal me. Quite simple, yet so revealing. I realised that in my mind my disability was stopping me from being the ideal me. However to my amazement I learnt that my vision of the ideal me was so far fetched and imaginary…very likely to be unachievable even if I was able bodied. The power of the mind! The other exercise that hit me with immense relief and happiness was to discover all the things I can do now as a disabled person that I was unable to do before. The little things like wear the clothes I want, listen to music or whatever I chose, be home to receive phone calls or deliveries, spend time with my animals, explore hobbies…the list went on. My whole inner self belief turned such a corner that I felt I was getting to know and show myself. I felt alive and lit up like a sunset or log fire…roaring with energy and new self passion.


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A Change Of Tune

It’s been a while since my last blog entry and whilst that time has been surfing by I have been feeling better and better.

I’ve started reading an intro to the Alexander Technique however only a few pages and I am already thinking a bit more about posture and how my different muscles are working and being utilised.

So, after my awaking experience that I wrote about in my last blog I have come to discover so much joy. It seems that what I naturally discovered was when in a peaceful space, to review useful stages of your past whilst staying in the present. This exercise can guide us onwards.

One thing that is standing out to me is that when I get a pain I then acknowledge it and relax. The result is that I still have pain however I am easing my muscles and my mind in my responses. My nutritional supplement intake is going well and I believe that by taking the copper to ease the absorption of the zinc this then works as a team. Certainly my supplement intake is keeping things balanced. Having sorted out the garden here I am turning to other forms of physical exercise by this week starting back on the stationary bicycle. I seem to keep busy with every day jobs.

I’ve started to feel I’ve a clearer thought process and my memory is still varied however I’m relaxed about this. This all makes for a happier mind and soul…and body.

So, recently I turned into another decade of my life and had an amazingly lovely birthday. What’s more I actually feel younger than I have done in about twenty years. Having gone through some very low patches in my mind this year I feel so appreciative to have this good time…for however long it lasts. Yes, I feel human!


Last week was a ground breaking moment for me…I got the buses into a town where I had a meeting with my last voluntary place of work. I’m returning there again, after a four year break. In fact I even trained the manager to set up a social network site and have been invited to their Christmas party next week. My sensory processing has vastly improved whilst I’ve been practising the techniques taught to me at the start of the year. So this means I can now tolerate being around people and noise/movement etc…which of course raises the happiness levels. Anyways…after I went to the voluntary centre I then went to my partner’s place of work and then out to a busy venue for an after work Christmas meal. Lots of people and noise and fun. Success! It was a great experience for myself and for my ever supportive partner. And I felt fine the next day…and five days later am still feeling good.

So I wish you lots of what I’m having so that you also get to change your life and view things with benefit…whatever your need or desire.

Long may we learn from our health…listening to our internal messages and taking peaceful moments to absorb the wonders of how we can improve ourselves. Be yourself and you will be eternally happy.

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Reality of the waves

As much as I want this blog to be positive and helpful, I also feel that this is to be a true blog of my journey. So to respect you, myself and to ease my stress I shall try to provide interesting reading which is also honest.

I have been continuing with my exercise which this week so far has been sawing up some wood for a friend. I get to exercise; fresh air; tidy the garden and also help someone. And that makes me feel good. I am however challenged with depression from my own body and so if something makes me feel good then I really appreciate it. Often this is short lived though and so I search for more sustainable approaches to happiness. The short term smiles and holidays really ease challenges and provide me with perks in life. However for me I really feel a strong need for consistent living. Perhaps holistic living is what I’m about here.


So when the waves peak and trough – whether they be in the mind or/and the body – how do we find enough to sustain a happy life?

I do also wonder if ‘busy’ people may feel the same if you were to cut out their daily busy times. I certainly have the time to put into thinking about stuff more than is required, however I tend to keep busy so to avoid thinking about the reality that involves me and my achievements. So…I ask myself…what is my future? All I know is that I wish for some long term happiness that is sustainable and healthy.

So perhaps my passion of watching surfers is deeper than I thought? What I love about watching surfing is the free spirit in the image of the sport and lifestyle. I love the use of wave power and the skill. I love the feeling I get by the sea and by taking time out to just gaze. I love the sound and smell too. The ocean is full of energy and I get to feel that healthy energy when I am close to the sea. Hearing the ocean also simulates relaxation.

The sea gives me the feeling of space by the horizon providing distance and space. Surfing looks cool and I believe that this look illustrates someone relaxed whom is in control. How apt this all seems.