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Any Way The Wind Blows

This is just a bonus blog…

I just got gastric flu so I have been obviously finding things a little more iffy. However thankfully I think it is beginning to pass.

Moving onwards in subject matter…I think that I may have forgotten to mention that at the start of June I was accepted on the programme for an assistant dog. How awesome! Last Saturday we went to an invitation event held by Dogs For The Disabled which was a fab dog show and full of such amazing dogs. Due to my rare trips out I can say that I picked up the flu from there. Was it worth it? At this moment I feel it was…as long as my MS recovers okay. You may already be aware that MS symptoms can be exasperated by having a flu…the immune system seems to go haywire and the body temperature iffy. My wife has been so wonderful, as she always is, however nursing me that extra amount over the last couple of days has really helped me so much. I’m massively grateful for all of her support as a forced carer, and for her wonderful love and partner stuff. It must be challenging to see someone change bit by bit. I guess we all just have to adjust and keep on adjusting to accept the situation. Of course we need to make the best of the situations we have in life…a challenge for all of us at times.

The title of this blog was inspired by watching the birch trees and the eucalyptus tree blow in the wind. I love trees that blow in the wind and appear to look chilled out…like these two and the weeping willow. Trees have a lovely way about them.

Nature can be so relaxing…I was persuaded out of bed recently to go in the car to take a trip up onto a hill. The outlook was lovely…especially when you live in a flat landscape and your body just says “yes, breathe, thank you”. I adore the sight and sound of natural water flow too. If that is absent then there are ways to create an artificial ambience.

Yesterday I received some magazines from the MS Society (one of them being Research Matters)…some great articles in there, from my perspective. One of the articles was about the Risk Factors for getting MS. Although of course I already have this disease I found it intriguing and interesting to read. If they can keep trying to find the causes (there will be a combo) then maybe a reduction in people with MS will occur. How wonderful! The article discusses the possible aspects of life that may increase the symptoms…one that seems to have raised my eyebrow is about stress. There is a view that it aggravates symptoms however in this article it states that this is not conclusive, as we all perceive stress levels in a different way. My feeling on this is that when we are feeling some stress on our body we automatically tense up our muscles…which has a big effect on our nerves. So when this continues for extensive periods stress plays a part in illness. However upon reading this article I felt a change…a change within me whereby I freed up some self blame and guilt. It dawned on me that, however much stress plays a part in my MS, I create a negative reaction after I have been stressed – one of self damage – as if to take the blame and this then stresses me out further thus creating negative feelings.

Our emotional well being is vitally important and when you have a chronic illness, of course you have good times and more challenging times, you need to go easy on yourself.

Blow in the wind…let yourself go with the gentle self. So when you see the leaves and branches blowing in the wind, remember to join in.