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Forwarding Motions

My sporadic blog writing, these days, is only a reflection on how I’m travelling through my medical world.

Yesterday was World MS Day…I only realised this towards the end of the day. I see this as a good step forward in that my MS is starting to become my sidecar.

Recently I celebrated six consecutive months without the use of a wheelchair. I took myself off of the state benefit too, which was a huge relief for me. I still have other symptoms (especially hidden ones) to contend with however lots of them have really improved…thanks to the OMS Programme.

I feel that my improvements are brilliant. I am still being alerted to the blips, through my spinal cord and brain. The other week I had recovered from two rounds of colds…which took over a month to dispel. So the first week of feeling human again I seemingly mismanaged my ability. I did so much and felt so great…until it seemed to have become too much. Also when I am sociable it then creates aftermath symptoms…so this needs to be more carefully monitored too.

Today I’m with cerebellum and occipital lobe pains, and some spinal cord ones too. Yesterday I had a mental health session which really hit home…then followed by a few weird symptoms of nausea and low blood sugar levels…leading to this morning with what I thought was a weird neck pain. So we went out for a daily walk however today was to be the cognitive workout route for me. And yes…it was too challenging and we aborted it part way through. The aforementioned parts of my brain were knocking me off of my balance and confusing my brain/eye coordination and translations.


However…these are the learning curves and the moving goalposts of MS. Earlier in the week I was doing some good hill walks which were so lovely for me and helped my cognition to breathe and feel free among a reduced workout. This is what I often try to do as I find these walks so relaxing and refuelling.

My MS feels amazing and I feel ever so fortunate to have it be gentle with me. I am also learning so much about quality of life and how it has altered me…into what I feel is a more wholesome present person. I’ve embarked on a mindfulness course which started this week and so I am learning to focus on being in the present moment…this being our own best present to oneself.