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Speedy Short Update

Well…I’m active with life these days! Better than I have been for years.

I came off of the Wahls Programme on 1st October 2015 and switched to Prof Jelinek’s Overcoming MS Programme. My reason for the change was due to having three relapses during 2015 on the Wahls Programme, with the last relapse being too full on for me.

I read the science behind Swank and Jelinek’s theories and practices. I was hooked to trying out this scientific logic of flexible oils to rebuild the myelin sheath. I also increase my Vit D3 levels; increased my meditation time to ease the cognition lesions and various other aspects were fine tuned…as well as the different diet.

I’m ever so pleased to say that I’ve just hosted my first party in 7 years, to celebrate 3 months of feeling in remission. I’m socialising, volunteering, walking, cycling and generally living a very different life than anything I am use to.

A huge thanks to the wonderful charity and work involved at OvercomingMS.org