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Time Flies By…

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Well, look at the date when I last wrote…actually stay looking at this page!

Time flies when you start improving health and the days have actions, events, fun, tasks and all manner of more interesting delights. So…yes, I am feeling better and better. Brag-time indeed. Well, it does take quite an amount of dedication, willpower and determination to stay focussed on the Wahls Protocol. Every so often my spontaneous rebel from within calls, no yells out to me and wants to set a match to the word ‘dull’. However I reign it back in when I picture the time before the protocol…that limited bedridden life was so totally dull. So the equilibrium is then restored and we carry on with plan a.

Time flies when you're having fun Art Print

I went on holiday last month. Wow! it was fabulous. I went to Longleat Center Parcs and stayed in the accessible apartment in the Redwood building. I totally recommend it. I improved my wheelchair stamina and strength massively. I used the Land-Train service at the start of the holiday to enable me to get out of the deep valley. By the end of the holiday my biceps and mind were able to combine to muscle it back up the hills. It was lovely to have a car-free experience and without pavements…those annoyingly cambered slithers of tarmac that leave me with one arm longer than the other. So there was much ease in wheeling around. I even did a bit of solo exploring by foot (unaided), amongst the hills and Giant Redwoods. Awesome…very very awesome! My wife had a complete break from cooking, driving and working. We ate out every day. I made my kale or spinach smoothie each day and then quizzed the extremely helpful restaurant staff. Our confidence in eating out grew and grew. We frequented most establishments with a triple visit to the best one (Hawtons). The entrances were level too. It was lovely to be in this bubble and surrounded by woodland, go on the lake, people watch and of course spend such quality time with my wife. I did a bit of kayaking…some bowling and lots of exploring. However my biggest activity was probably eating and relaxing!

I’m loving being able to be out in the sunshine this year. With my Sensory Processing Disorder under control and my Multiple Sclerosis on the ‘improvement road’ I am loving this summer stuff.

I’m now looking into studying…starting small by learning in my own time at home and then we shall see how my cognition enjoys that. I’m also pondering on my future – as in job/career/business – now that I see I have a chance with what I call a satisfactory future. I’m toying with a few ideas…something that can vary depending on how I am feeling (my “insurance policy” for MS with the Wahls Protocol). Ideas such as photography, genealogy, computer something-or-other, scientific topic…

I’m now aiming to go and visit people…take myself out and about via train will be preferred as at least in a wheelchair you get to face forwards. Maybe I can write a travel book and call it something like “Blender on Wheels”. Copyright…Let me keep that one!

Oooo yes…my smoothie device experimentation has now reached a result. I’ve tried a regular blender…with satisfactory results, then I tried a smoothie maker which was rather pointless as I found the tap leaked sometimes. Then some friends recommended the NutriBullet. Research time. Result time. Wow!! Yes…efficient little device – speedy, extracts the nutrients, powerful and has a miller blade too. First up I made some seed-butter…after aiming to just mill the seeds with such a powerful device I ended up with a paste. So I placed it in a jar with some extra virgin olive oil and it sits in the fridge door. I add a spoonful into my smoothies.

Well folks…thank you for keeping up with my news. I’ve had a busy few weeks recently and this week my mother came to stay – over the last 20 odd years it’s been very rare for me to be well enough for visitors and fun. Now it’s easily possible to have company so we had much quality time together and I went out lots.

I feel so very honoured to be feeling this great in my life. I feel so fortunate to be able to improve. I feel awake, alive and am rebuilding my life. Seeing family and friends watch me improve is the greatest gift which I can give them and in turn makes me so enormously happy. Smiles all round.

Get Ready for Fun! (Sesame Street Music Works

I will just say, if you or someone you know has MS…at whatever stage…please provide the biggest gift and try the Wahls Protocol: http://terrywahls.com/about-the-wahls-protocol/ as quite frankly this is giving me my life back.


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