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Hello…after a long time away from writing.
It seems to be that my last vice –¬† chocolate – is now causing too many pains and symptoms/reactions to my nervous system. It has been my only intake of caffeine however I bow to the demands of my MS.

My MS is on it’s own path…a slightly downhill path and so I must roll with it. Sometimes I try to stop it; fight it; liaise with it or even try to understand it as a disease…however my cognition needs to save this energy and just listen to the signs that my ruler provides me with. We must become a valuable team and coordinate together. No fight…just more and more peace. Be at one. Become one.

I’ve been trying to fathom how to redefine my life and my journey so to include satisfaction; sense of achievement; purpose and direction. However I may be starting to see that my journey is in today. Today is the day which I am living in and this is where my body needs to be in order to function with greater ease.
Today I was thinking about others whom may be drifting in their lives…through relationships or jobs or avoidances of other kinds. I’ve never been comfy with drifting…I’m a goal setter. Perhaps my new goal needs to be drifting?!

Having health conditions teaches us so many things. It teaches our closest people too. Listen to yourself and be on your own side.

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