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Just a little quick blog posting.

I’m doing okay. My fatigue is riding the waves quite tiringly however I’m learning to adjust.

I got my new wheelchair sorted…and after a hiccup with it I am now rolling loads further. In fact I’m trying to adjust to the roll taking me further and as I progress with this adjustment I’ll save some energy. The wheels have a camber and so this takes some adjusting as the bottom of the wheels are further out than where my hands are – great for my hands though. As I have rubber grips on the handrims fortunately this is all that hits the doorways. I’m getting there though. I went out for a trip in it a fair while ago now and overdid the distance… It’s so comfy for my body though.

Dog shit…oh my god – that takes so much energy to look out for and then remove from wheels and gloves. Gross.

Well…we head to Christmas now as my birthday cards are down. Yep…now I’m ready, others are allowed to talk about it haha.

Soooo…happy festivities folks
Ciao for now


Author: Anja

eco lover, cat lover, country lover, water lover, tree lover, peace lover, laughter lover, travel lover...on a holistic journey through life

One thought on “Okay

  1. Hello. I saw that you posted at MyMSTeam re: CogFog. Yes – Lumosity is a good place to start. Crossword puzzles are of benefit as well.

    But wait – I am addressing you here because you are a blogger who lives in the UK who claimed Santa Cruz as US residency for your MyMSTeam profile. I lived in Santa Cruz for a few years prior to moving to Los Angeles.

    But wait – I am really addressing the blogger side of you. I help put together prose and poetry in anthology form as a benefit for the NMSS. The book is by folks affected/afflicted with MS and is called Something On Our Minds. Vol2 should be out in March of this year.

    But it is never too early to start thinking ahead. One of the things I am quite happy about with Vol2 is that we added international voices to the mix: Spain, Canada, New Zealand. I would really like to expand upon that going forward.

    Interested? Can I get a ‘Hell yeah!’?

    My name is Sean. I can be reached at seenjo11 [at] gmail [dot] com.


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