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A quick word or two…

It’s been a while. I’ve got very little to say. I’m in my new nhs light wheelchair which eases my life loads. So although my legs are challenged with coordination and arthritis stuff, I’m far happier and more energetic due to sitting in the chair. This new chair is light and I’m building on my arms.

I have physio now so this is helpful. And my GP called me in a while back to ask me how they can help – wow, fancy that! So I’m booked in to see a team about rehab/all round support and help. Fab!

I wish places were more wheelchair accessible – otherwise I’m happy with things. I think it has helped accepting the situ; finding it easier wheeling around; light low backed chair.

I’m nearing the last hurdle for getting an assistant dog…so exciting.

That’s my update folks. Thanks for tuning in