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Who’s On Stage?

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So, I’ve just been listening and reading a bit from Tanya Geisler. One part was…what person do you want to be? The other part was…start starring your role.

I want to feel comfy and happy with my health – to stop receiving diagnoses and degenerating. That will be sooo wonderful. To be able to put my health to one side a bit and to be able to have inner freedom to live comfortably. To let go of fear for my future and trust that I will cope with each progression. Hmmm it’s a big ask.


The second part is an interesting thought, especially if I place myself back within my acting days – an interesting angle for me to think about. I’m to put on my acting mind and realise that I’m the starring role and to bring my character alive. The task is to carry out a life of a person whom lives with and overcomes these health hurdles. Also to feel internal acceptance, to have fun and believe in life. Maybe the Stanislavski Method is worth a try…however is acting the way to live?


Author: Anja

eco lover, cat lover, country lover, water lover, tree lover, peace lover, laughter lover, travel lover...on a holistic journey through life

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