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Spinning It Around – Regain Chances

I’ve been having some good times recently whereby I’ve had some different thoughts. Better thoughts. More positive thoughts.

Prompted by a question asked on Twitter about peoples instinctive thoughts of what they feel causes MS…I had some thoughts.

So having answered with my thoughts that it’s a nutritional deficiency plus a weakened immune system, thus giving stresses to the body and causing a dis-ease. Whilst waking up in bed this morning I thought about this some more. I then had a feeling of awakened insight into how my body got caught up in this. To spare you of the details it’s suffice to say that after some typical teenage situations and times, I had some traumatic environmental stresses and also some anesthetics during operations causing body stresses. Both sets of operations were challenging and slow to repair, plus some more traumatic stress and grieving. To be honest as a person in their late teens I turned to drinking alcohol to deal with all this strain on my body. So whilst I required nutrients I was in fact depleting myself of any that I had. I decided to increase my self-pressure to complete my studies despite the health trap I was in. This all happened within three years – which is rather intense when I look at it now! It’s just one of those circumstantial things.

Everyone with MS, I believe, will have a story of when their body found the battle increasing beyond the ‘elastic limit’. So…what I have realised today, from deep within, is that I really need to be gentle on myself. By realising that my circumstantial stresses weakened my body, plus my sensory processing disorder as a child contributing, I need and want to really feel the realisation that by relaxing and accepting weird things as just that etc – I have a chance to vastly improve my lifestyle and my attitudes. This has been demonstrated to me through having such health challenges. Sort of a catch 22…which now I can spin on it’s axis and see how much I can improve.


Is it too late? That’s a matter of belief. Sometimes I think yes and yet my foundation belief is that my body as yelling out to me to stop and pay attention – so maybe now is a good time and perhaps rebuild what I can.

So, what about all the other people with MS? Does this mean that people are getting far too caught up in challenges which cause stresses on our bodies…our brains then our bodies? Are we missing something crucial like noticing our body needs? I reckon perhaps so. If we tune into our human workings more then perhaps we will see what needs attention and how. Analogy time…this will be short…”you’ve a car that has some issues. These issues get ignored. Things get worse and other things start going wrong. The wiring gets worn out and needs repairing. You ignore this too. So eventually the car is far from reliable. In fact the car becomes a problem. You take it to the mechanics…they say what is wrong. You think great.” Here’s where the analogy differs, as with a car you have a choice to fix it or scrap it and replace it. Of course you only have one human body and mind…so the moral of the story is to keep an eye on yourself, listen to yourself and you will reap the benefits.

Hindsight vs youth – When I found out about having glandular fever (after my second lot of ops) I realised that I’ll have to avoid alcohol. This was challenging however I did my best…aged 19 and living away from the family home. My diet was lacking imagination – an age thing. It’s strange that MS mainly affects people when they are in their young years. I wonder if this is when we have yet to learn to be responsible to our bodies.

So my conclusion is that I believe that I have a choice to act now. A bit like climate change in fact! If I choose to carry on how I’ve tended to live…then the future now, from this awareness, appears a little scary. However if I really make a conscious effort and focus to go easy on myself and let my body get what it needs to try to heal…then I have chances. And chances, my friend, are worth a lot to me.

A chance is an opportunity
A chance is a light on
A chance is a possibility
A chance is worth taking
A chance…once again



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Reality of the waves

As much as I want this blog to be positive and helpful, I also feel that this is to be a true blog of my journey. So to respect you, myself and to ease my stress I shall try to provide interesting reading which is also honest.

I have been continuing with my exercise which this week so far has been sawing up some wood for a friend. I get to exercise; fresh air; tidy the garden and also help someone. And that makes me feel good. I am however challenged with depression from my own body and so if something makes me feel good then I really appreciate it. Often this is short lived though and so I search for more sustainable approaches to happiness. The short term smiles and holidays really ease challenges and provide me with perks in life. However for me I really feel a strong need for consistent living. Perhaps holistic living is what I’m about here.


So when the waves peak and trough – whether they be in the mind or/and the body – how do we find enough to sustain a happy life?

I do also wonder if ‘busy’ people may feel the same if you were to cut out their daily busy times. I certainly have the time to put into thinking about stuff more than is required, however I tend to keep busy so to avoid thinking about the reality that involves me and my achievements. So…I ask myself…what is my future? All I know is that I wish for some long term happiness that is sustainable and healthy.

So perhaps my passion of watching surfers is deeper than I thought? What I love about watching surfing is the free spirit in the image of the sport and lifestyle. I love the use of wave power and the skill. I love the feeling I get by the sea and by taking time out to just gaze. I love the sound and smell too. The ocean is full of energy and I get to feel that healthy energy when I am close to the sea. Hearing the ocean also simulates relaxation.

The sea gives me the feeling of space by the horizon providing distance and space. Surfing looks cool and I believe that this look illustrates someone relaxed whom is in control. How apt this all seems.