Holistically MS

Join my holistic journey with MS

The basic aims

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My aims are to improve my MS and to share my journey…and hopefully inspire and enhance your journey. You may have MS; you may know someone with it; you may be curious; you may just enjoy discovering my journey. So however you arrived here and for whatever reason…thank you for spending some of your time here.

My key focal point will be regaining health to whatever level possible.

My key processes…to date…will be relaxation techniques which I personally find helpful; nutrition; posture and exercise; attitude; laughter and fun; lifestyle choices; and a general wellbeing for the whole body.

My use of the word holistic…to treat our body, mind and soul as a whole. After all this is what we are – one


Author: Anja

eco lover, cat lover, country lover, water lover, tree lover, peace lover, laughter lover, travel lover...on a holistic journey through life

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