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Where am I at the mo?

Okay…so I realise that you will want a rough outline of what I’m doing at the moment, regarding my holistic approach to my MS.

Nutrition – I’m taking a number of food supplements and have been doing so for approx a year and a half. I say approx due to the tweaking and adding of new tablets. The first supplement which I started on was just over two years ago during a huge long relapse (before the second diagnosis). Anyways this is magnesium and I started with tablets…along with taking calcium so that it all works…however when I started taking lots of other food supplements (vitamins and minerals) I switched to liquid magnesium. This was to ensure quick release in to my body as it helps enormously with my neuro pain. My partner and I researched into this ourselves. And at this point I probably need to say…seek medical support and sensible advice regarding supplements and diets. My neurologist put me onto Vitamin D tablets and then an MS nurse put me on to Omega’s. That was encouraging for the orthodox medics I think. So I’ve recently tweaked my supplements again, namely the zinc levels whilst making sure that they include copper, again for absorption. By the way if you want more info of what I am taking and how much, feel free to request it by leaving a ‘reply’. For the rest of you…it’s suffice to say that I’m taking supplements which aid healing, energy, pain and nerves. So, moving on to what diet I eat…well having been on a number of diets for health reasons¬† (gluten free; yeast free; allergy testing leading to certain foods being temporarily avoided; dairy free; low fat – with only the latter two being my own experiments) I feel far more relaxed with eating what I feel comfortable with whenever and whatever this is. I eat some organic foods and homegrown; fruit, veg, meat and seafood; high percentage cocoa dark chocolate (my only caffeine); and shock horror…some takeaway meals for my vice in life! I have to balance fibre intake for IBS reasons so I am quite careful with this and find that oily food can irritate my mechanics. I mainly drink water, sometimes hot chocolate and sometimes smoothies…and occasionally a cordial.

I’ve found it to be really important for me to focus on relaxing…whether it be with diet, environment, health attitude, friends, lifestyle, exercise etc. I do find relaxing a challenge and as we all go through personal hurdles it can be especially challenging alongside MS. I find gardening one of my biggest relaxants, along with being in the fresh air, by the coast/near water, by trees or amongst hills, and being with people whom make me happy. I like being able to have sun…however my temperature gauge somewhat dictates how much sun I can tolerate. I think that relaxation is one of the key areas which I shall be focussing on. I find cats relaxing and fun too…I’ve always been around cats including when living overseas or on most of my holidays I’ve managed to ‘come across them’.

Posture and exercise – I definitely have room for improving my posture and hope to look at the Alexander Technique. I do exercises whilst I’m gardening…some are less helpful to my worn out joints and diluted lavender oil often gets used to ease the muscles. When I can I walk or cycle, which use to be good hobbies of mine. This is rare these days however I really value it when I can. My base level (the norm that I seem to be currently at) is walking with a stick or two…and in and out of wheelchairs. I say the plural as I have a motorised one due to a weak left side…however a replacement manual chair is currently being made to support my joints and posture etc

Incidentally…I recently read this article which seemed to be the final incentive for me to solely embrace a holistic and natural approach to managing my MS, at this moment in my life. The article may also interest you – it talks about the main theories of MS and some eye opening patterns and thoughts. Hence my recent tweak with zinc intake! Another article I read this week was a treatment study occurring in Edinburgh with a look into of the neck area and blood restrictions…this had been suggested to me prior, however whatever this reflects it did make me decide to focus on the Alexander Technique for my neck posture. I do have neck issues due to some worn out joints. Anyways here is this article.

Laughter and socialising…very important and again lots of room for improvement! Due to my sensory challenges this has been a huge hurdle which I am improving on. However from an overall holistic perspective I think that as a previously very sociable person I seem to spend far more time alone. Perhaps to conserve energy or perhaps another reason. I have had friends come and go which has caused sadness and I now choose with more care. The internet has revolutionised socialising and feeling in touch with the world. I do enjoy some TV as long as its what I enjoy. I find people ask me what I do each day…well there’s always jobs around the home for me and I am the sort of person that likes to keep busy and as active as possible. Due to my sensory processing treatment I have a good mix of physically stimulating tasks followed by mentally stimulating tasks. I believe this helps keep my brain active and my body supple.

I think that gives you an outline of where I’m at with my health and lifestyle…let’s see how this improves and what I discover.

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The basic aims

My aims are to improve my MS and to share my journey…and hopefully inspire and enhance your journey. You may have MS; you may know someone with it; you may be curious; you may just enjoy discovering my journey. So however you arrived here and for whatever reason…thank you for spending some of your time here.

My key focal point will be regaining health to whatever level possible.

My key processes…to date…will be relaxation techniques which I personally find helpful; nutrition; posture and exercise; attitude; laughter and fun; lifestyle choices; and a general wellbeing for the whole body.

My use of the word holistic…to treat our body, mind and soul as a whole. After all this is what we are – one